Method for preparing sodium soap



The invention relates to a method for preparing sodium soap. The method comprises the following steps of: dissolving grease in an organic solvent of which the mass is 1-5 times of that of the grease, putting the mixed liquid into a batch reactor with a condensing and refluxing device in the absence of water, heating the mixed liquid to 120-200 DEG C until the mixed liquid is boiling, slowly adding powdery solid sodium hydroxide of which the mass is 0.1-0.5 times of that of the grease, fiercely stirring for saponification, so as to obtain sodium soap, glycerin, unsaponifiable matters and residual alkali; after the reaction is ended, cooling products at -10-20 DEG C, separating the sodium soap out of the solution, filtering out the organic solvent in a suction manner, and drying a filter cake in a drying oven at 30-80 DEG C, so as to obtain a sodium soap product mixed with a small amount of residual alkali, wherein the alkali content is lower than national standards; and dissolving the glycerin and the unsaponifiable matters into the organic solvent, and circularly utilizing the organic solvent after distilling the organic solvent. The method disclosed by the invention is simple, efficient and environment-friendly, is low in use amount of solid alkali and applicable to preparation of the sodium soap of various oil products; the obtained product is high in yield, contents less free caustic alkali and few impurities and is pure white in color; and the disadvantages of complex operation, low product yield and high impurity content in the product in the conventional sodium soap preparation process are overcome.




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